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Welcome to mihais.blog, my name is Mihai Coșleț [mēhī kɔ:ʃlets]. I'm a *blank*.

After a first draft review, I was suggested to add something about who I am or what I do. We all know what we do until we don't. Now I'm in a don't moment.

My first attempt to share my raw and mostly undiluted thoughts, ideas, and rants with the world or my 3 friends that will not have the heart to tell me that my blog stinks. I don't yet have a clear idea of what I am going to write here, but I'm sure it's gonna touch on topics I'm passionate about: people, tech, music, personal discovery, photography, food, why are we alive, what our purpose on is, will we achieve singularity??!1 Did you feel dread while reading the last words? I had to stop listing things because I was close to jumping into the existentialist rabbit hole. That is most definitely not the intention of this post - to scare off potential readers. This post is meant to share a piece of my personality and writing style with you, so you can decide if my blog is worth spending your priceless time on.

If you want to contact me to either praise or criticise what and how I'm writing on this website, please do so here.

Let’s learn about everything together!

Numai bine,

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