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blog baptism

or how to pick the perfect name for your blog

Everyone knows that the "start a blog checklist" 's essential task is finding the perfect name for your blog. So, let's name some bytes!

Should I go for cosletmihai.com? Unless you're from somewhere where coslet is a common word, it might be a good idea, but that is freaking nowhere because the actual word is coșleț [kɔ:ʃlets], which is a contraction of the word coșuleț, which in Romanian means "little basket". Secondly, cosletmihai.com doesn't exactly roll off the tongue: how else will you tell your friends about this fantastic website you read some random nonsense on? The pronunciation of my name is also weird and reasonably difficult for non-Romanian speakers. But, hey, it pleases my narcissistic side: having a website with my name as the domain (well, except the ș and ț, these Romanian characters don't translate well to the ASCII universe) is pretty cool, I'll have to admit that.

mihaisideas.com: the second the words hit my tongue, I knew it sounded pretentious. It's true; the articles on this website will be ideas. Still, I feel that if I name it mihaisideas.com, it might end up as a click-baiting, brain-dead blog with posts like: "3 ideas on how to start writing a blog" or "ideas on how to reuse your plastic bottles". Which, to be frank, seem like topics I'd write about, so probably mihaisideas.com is not that bad of an idea (puns! I got puns for days), but it just doesn't seem to click with me. NEXT!

I was half-hoping that intellectualismaximus.com was already taken, so I could squeeze in another joke about how hard it is to find a good domain. Alas, the domain is still free. If you, dear reader, will ever want to humour me and buy the intellectualismaximus.com domain, please contact me here so I can update the joke.

And then inspiration struck. This website will be primarily used as a journal, documenting who I am, aka a blog. My name is Mihai (pronounced mēhī). What if I combine them? mihais.blog. OMG, it's beautiful! We can both agree that it is at least "good enough", but it should do for the time being. (After doing some research, one of the greats of marketing: seths.blog had the same idea)

After a first draft review, I was suggested to add something about who I am or what I do. We all know what we do until we don't. Now I'm in a don't moment.

Welcome to mihais.blog!

My first attempt to share my raw and mostly undiluted thoughts, ideas, and rants with the world or my 3 friends that will not have the heart to tell me that my blog stinks. I don't yet have a clear idea of what I will write here. Still, I'm sure it's gonna touch on topics I'm passionate about: people, tech, music, personal discovery, photography, food, why we are alive, what our purpose is, and whether will we achieve singularity??!1 Did you feel dread while reading the last words? I had to stop listing things because I was close to jumping into the existentialist rabbit hole. That is most definitely not the intention of this post - to scare off potential readers. This post is meant to share a piece of my personality and writing style with you, so you can decide if my blog is worth spending your priceless time on.

If you want to contact me to either praise or criticize the content of this website, do so here.

Let's learn about everything together!

Numai bine,

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